NEW SOFTWARE and FIRMWARE UPDATE, click to download and extract to your computer: sw1.13.59_fw1.40

NEW update 30.9.2022

Note that this new software also needs a new firmware!

1.13.59 Software version updates: (Software manual updated also)

  • New menu system for easier value selection to graph and real-time tuning page. Right mouse click opens a tree view to select values.
  • Added all dyno values selectable to realtime tuning and graph page.
  • Added individual hub torques in newtonmeters (loadcell raw values are not visible anymore)
  • Added all dyno channels to math channels
  • Possibility to use analog channel to measure temp via Bosch temperature sensor. That need a special adapter cable you can buy from us or make your own (picture below).
  • Added % difference calculation in math channel.
  • PRO software only: New function “engine analyze menu”  – you can see the average torque between selected RPM’s
  • PRO software only: New function “Plex v2 Knock Monitor CAN import ( knock threshold, knock level 1 and 2 and engine rpm)
  • PRO software only: New function, Dyno software has now 2 engine RPM imputs: calculated engine RPM from hub speeds like before and measured engine RPM from CAN. So you can calculate torque converter / clutch slip now via math channels.
  • New power correction factory 80/1269/EWG.
  • Graph page and printout now shows weather the measurement is hub or engine power.
  • General bug fixes.
  • Print quality fixed.

Quick guide to NEW features september22_updates_for_softwaremanual_english.pdf

Guide to connect CAN devices (Plex V2) Can_devices_manual.pdf

If you want to measure temperature, you need an adapter cable for the sensor. You can either buy one from us or make your own according this photo. 


NEW Software manual (updated 6.9.2022) Dynolyze_softwaremanual_english_september22.pdf

CAN devices manual Can_devices_manual.pdf

General user and safety manual ( updated 21.12.2020)  General_usermanual_dynolyze_english.pdf

Fan manual (updated 29.7.2021)  Usermanual_fan_english.pdf


Accessories Accessories brochure .pdf

Price list Price list .pdf